NIN Administración de Fincas offer their clients a service of incidents management online, to make easy the issue of these, as well as comfortable and safe. Further more, the Virtual Office allows all neighbours to be informed about anything regarding their community , having immediate access to thier GM reports, balances, estimatesand any other relevant documents.

  • Documents

    Each member of the community has personal access to the platform, so that he will be able to see and manage the content from any device.

  • Incidents

    From the platform, incidents can be registered and resolved in real time, leaving a writen evidence for the owner as well as for the administrator.

  • Alerts

    Incidents and communications will be reflected in the platform and both owner and administrator will receive an e-mail for any comment made by themselves.

  • Safe

    The information remains in a protected user level, allowing the security of information between clients and administrator.


If you are interested in having more information about our incidents management system, click below.