img3Our labour as Administrators is not limited to a simple community accountancy, but also has to comply with the current law 49/1960 21 of July improved by Law 8/1999, about Horizontal Property and posterior modifications.
Those are indicated in Article 20 of Horizontal Property Law, which is: to care for the good regime of the property, its installations and services, and make the proper warnings to the owners.


All documents necessary to public or private organisations .


The needs of the property for its correct running and conservation.


In the different fields that can affect the property

  • Accounting
  • Fiscal
  • Labour
  • Legal
  • Technical


Preventive study for maintenance to save in future:

  • Expenses
  • Problems
  • Consumptions
  • Services


servicio-juridico-administrativo-contable Draw up all types of documents for any public or private organisation (salaries, insurances, social insurance, tax declaration, etc.)

  • Direct line of information and consulting.
  • Make payments/charges of the Community, studying the situation of the treasury in every moment, and the possible flow to adequate payments ans charges dates.
  • Draw up of auto-declarations and deposit of the amounts retained, to the possible workers or professionals submitted to legal obligation to be retained certain amount by the community.
  • Study and extrajudicial claim of Community payments due.
  • Representation of the Community facing inspections or verifications (Social security, Work inspection, etc.).
  • Preparation and assistance to the General Meeting and to the possible extraordinary meetings.
  • Economic information with the regularity agreed, for balances, analyzing of deposits and expenses, estimates follow-up, estimate proposals and how to face the costs, balance accounts and study of owners’ requests for new installations or services.


justiciaThis Administration counts with several experts in Law, offering a permanent legal cover to the Community, without any additional fee. Within the many services offered, we can highlight the following;

  • Legal advice for the right running of the Community within the legal framework required by Public Organisations, Institutions and Corporations.
  • Resolution of possible doubts of conflicts that Owners may have, in their relationship with the Community.
  • Draw up, modification and revision of all kind of contracts signed by the Community.
  • Draw up, modification and revision of the Statutes, Internal Regulations and any other kind of Rules
  • Issue of Legal Reports about issues that interest the Community and that request a written intervention.


CASCO Nin administración de fincas S.L. does not conceive the management of a Community without covering the maintenance technical services and prevention in building. This is why, part of the staff are Engineers of Building who will fill this need.

  • Assistance and technical advice.
  • Control of execution of interventions with building works.
  • Request of estimates of all the maintenance services and of any technical actions.
  • Economic comparative analysis of the offers received.


We include a 20% bonus for our clients, whether they are individual owners or Communities, on any service hired of repairmen with tools

Technical Services:

  • Management of building projects. (Project Management).
  • Energy Services, Audits and Certificates of energy efficiency.
  • Buildings Assessment Reports (IEE).
  • Draw up of thechnical projects, Studies and Security Plans.
  • Technical Direction of building works and Health and Safety Coordination.
  • Measurements editoring, estimates, Tenders, valuation and appraisals.
  • Technical Assistance to companies for the control of execution of the works.
  • Plot measurement, After Sales services, Expert report and Legalisations.
  • Licenses isue and subsidies with Public Administration.

Other services:

  • Legal, Tax and Labour Advice.
  • Legal Services
  • Administrative Management
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Insurance Advice
  • Risk Prevention in the Workplace
  • Procedures at Traffic central offices


The communities of owners are increasingly more complex and require the performance of specialized professionals in various fields. Our distinction is to provide a complete service in Spanish and English for a reasonable and competitive cost, continuously giving updates and taking top priority defend the interests of our customers. Note: Currently it is developing an online platform for multiple steps in Spanish and English, there is a record of any notification of an incident and its resolution, and to provide information of any ongoing management and even online feedback through personalized identification, which not require the physical presence of the owner. This service aims to be transparent and effective in conveying information for a better understanding and analysis of it, it also seeks to facilitate the participation of owners, regardless of their habitual residence.